Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lines, Designs, and Lanterns

Well, in my attempt to post at least twice a month I've realized something about my self. I really have to draw more. I mean I already do but I feel like I could work a bit harder. That may sound crazy but whenever I look at other peoples work a think, damn!!!!! I have a long way to go. I then realize I need to focus more on my work and not on the skill and progression of others. Anyways, here's a design for an up come DynaGirl story featuring Mr. JigSaw. I'm not gonna get into what his powers R but it's a breath of fresh air. i'm pretty sure u can piece it together by his name. Also, I watched Green Lantern Emerald Knights and It was great!!!!!!! I had to do a little something while I was watching it. Oh and last but not least DYNAGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!